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"Winery Lopushna" offers boutique and selected wines - art sealed in a bottle. Lopushna name is a guarantee for quality and taste.
The signs of the past are our companions. They are older than our memory. A smile, a handshake, line, circle, letter embroidery...

Traveling with this luggage. For example Chiprovski carpets. Their elements are of ancient origin. They probably belong to the oldest sign systems. For example, the element "karakachka", given name of an eponymous carpet, is highly stylized image of a flying dragon. The dragon is one of the faces of the demon of light in the protoariyska cosmogony. "Protoariyska" means the era, in which it is assumed there was an Indo-Europian world. The cosmogony of this era was characterized by the eternal struggle between good and bad, between good and evil, between light and darkness. From here derive its main characters. From here goes "karakachka." In those ancient Bulgarian art motives, that are actually numerous, are found not only in the carpet, but the stone sculptures, carvings, frescoes, ornaments in the books, even the graphic letters. Signs along carpets ancient tradition that is passed from a weaver to weaver centuries. In 894 the Emperor Leo the Philosopher Six ordered to "move the Bulgarian market place in Thessaloniki and is subject to more hard duties." This is another reason for the war between Bulgaria and Byzantium. King Simeon raised war. Among Bulgarian goods affected by the measure of Leo explicitly mentioned "rugs and carpets." We can only suppose that the elements of the carpets somehow are alive today through the quickness fingers of women.