"Winery Lopushna" is located in the beautiful and enchanting nature of the village Geogi Damyanovo located in the West Stara Planina. This mountain has an ancient history full of vicissitudes. As an area with unique scenery, it is a very good prerequisite for the production of organic wines. The high natural value of the region significantly increases its attractiveness and create new opportunities for its promotion and development of all kinds of tourism.

"Winery Lopushna" JSC is the successor of the wines –llar in the village George Damyanovo. Built in 1936, it is our pride. It has been built a tunnel in the existing scale of the territory of the cellar, which holds about 100 thousand litters of wine for aging and maturing. The annual maintenance temperature it is 12°C. The tunnel is equipped with ventilation and constant humidity necessary for the proper storage of wine.

The wines-cellar has been completely renovated and modernized in 2006. Reconstruction of the winery is to upgrade the overall process and complete construction of a new manufacturing and administrative facilities. Variety structure of the host and processed grapes from their own vineyards is consistent with the geographical environment in the area.